Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dogs In The News: The Not On Your Life Version

So, a crap load lot has been going on in my life lately. Don't worry, I have been giving plenty of life lessons to Sarah (the asshole). More flip flops have been chewed, shit has been shat, and I even managed to spill red Kool-Aid all over a bunch of her stuff the other day. She was pissed off! It was awesome!

Anyway, I saw this article yesterday. It's about a dog who got shot by would-be robbers at someone's house, then the dog proceeded to chase after the robbers, even though she had just been shot. And the dog lived! Now that's a pretty bad ass dog.

Of course, if Sarah thinks I'm going to take a bullet for her, she is fucking stupid. Seriously, she would be lucky if I even barked at robbers coming to the house. The last fucking thing I want is to let some guys with guns know where I am so that they can shoot me. If anything, Sarah should take a bullet for me. I mean, hello, who is the cute one here? At least I make the world a little prettier. Sarah just makes it a little assholier.

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