Friday, July 17, 2009

Dogs in the News: Panda Version

For the first time since it happened, today is the first time that I have been glad Sarah (the asshole) had me spayed. It all has to do with this article about a dog in China:
"Two red panda cubs abandoned at birth by their mother have found an unlikely wet nurse: a mongrel dog."
Holy shit, that's just fucked up. A dog nursing pandas? Puppy abandonment? This is just so mind bogglingly wrong. I mean, those baby pandas aren't even cute! Have you seen a puppy? All puppies are cute.

Then again, that dog is really small. Maybe it's really a cat. Cats are big enough assholes to think this sort of thing is OK.


  1. Chop, that's not a dog, it's an upholstered rat. You are wise to suspicious.

  2. Yes! Rat! That explains everything. I knew it could not be a dog.