Thursday, February 11, 2010

I've Got Your Beads Right Here

Sarah (the asshole) takes an annual trip to Mardi Gras. Last year, she came home and got me, starting me down the terrible, horrible path that my life has taken. She even named me after a street in New Orleans - Tchoupitoulas - which was fucking stupid, because no one is ever going to refer to me as Tchoupitoulas, so I'm now Choppy.

Anyway, Sarah thought it would be a good fucking idea to dress me up in a boa and beads before she left, like I am some floozy who will just show her doggie girl parts if asked. Look at this assholery:

I look like a fucking tool. Who puts a boa on a dog? As you can see, I was giving her the evil eye in this picture.

Two good things have come of this trip, though. First, Sarah smashed her finger between a ladder and her car getting ready, which required her to poke a pin in her fingernail (Yes, I take pleasure in her pain.). Second, I get to go to my friends' house, which is, of course, much more fun than my normal life.

Anyway, happy fucking Mardi Gras.

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