Friday, November 26, 2010

See Ya Later, Gator

So, my Grandpa got himself a new (and awesome) toy last week: a Gator ATV! I, of course, have joined him in the ATV as much as possible since arriving in Wisconsin.

Looking good, if I do say so myself. I could do without the blaze orange vest.

Sometimes, I ride in the back. Usually, Sarah shuts that tailgate, but I kind of like having it down. Makes it feel more dangerous. And you know me, Danger is my middle name (unless said danger involves going out in the dark. Or rain. Or woods).

And now, things are right in the world. I finally am in the driver's seat. And I got out of my blaze orange vest. Score!

Sadly, I will soon be going home to Indiana, where there is no fun ATV. And I am stuck with Sarah.


  1. If I could get rid of it and send it to you, I would. I don't need any more clothes!