Friday, June 18, 2010

Golf? Really?

Last week, I mentioned in a blog post that I was happy Sarah is not a soccer fan, because I'm sure she would have dressed me up in some World Cup outfit (probably involving a vuvuzela).

I should have known better than to think her days of dressing me up in sports-related items were not over.

The least Sarah could have done was let me use a driver. No one likes to putt. It's why you can use the putting green for free but have to pay out the nose for the range.

Golf? Really? Do people even watch that since Tiger got caught being a dog? (I think I may have just insulted myself and all my kind...)

Sarah seems to have decided the sport to watch this weekend is golf. It's the U.S. Open this weekend out in California, so, um, yeah. I have nothing that hasn't been said about a game that, as far as I can tell, is more boring to watch than paint drying. At least when Sarah is watching it, she leaves me alone. I guess that's bonus.

And do you see that polo shirt? I guess I should be happy that it isn't pink. Well, it has pink stripes, but it's mostly not pink, so that's good. But really, does Sarah think I am actually going golfing anytime soon? While I would enjoy running around the golf course, and chasing the balls after people hit them, I have no desire to play a game that has been called a good walk ruined (an appropriate description, as far as I can tell). Sarah already knows how to ruin a walk without involving a game so boring as golf.

Anyway, here's hoping that there are no other sports Sarah will want to watch anytime soon. I've had enough of these sports outfits.


  1. Your post reminded me of those dogs at Morels an Easter or so ago.

  2. Poor Choppy. I am a golf widow this weekend, so I feel your pain. I'm sure if we work on this hard enough, we'll find something that both of us can chew up.

  3. Those dogs at Morels probably did not have the same lack of girl parts as I do...

    And Barb, I'm glad to know I am not the only one!