Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dogs Do Not Need Manis

So, every couple months, Sarah takes me to the groomer to get my nails ground. It's pretty boring. I mean, the groomer hooks me up to the grooming table, and she has a grinder that grinds down my nails. It's quick and painless, plus Sarah usually gets me a treat, like standing around while I get my nails done is some horrible thing I have to endure. I'm not going to do anything to change her opinion on this, as I do enjoy treats. A lot.

However, today, after I had my nails trimmed and we had gotten back home, Sarah decided that my manicure was not up to her standards. And so, I had to endure further humiliation.

Do not adjust your monitor. Those are my toenails. And yes, they are red.

So, I sat there while Sarah painted my toenails. Bright, bright red. No way to hide that sort of indignity when we're out in public. I would have fought against this, but really, when a human is painting a dog's toenails, the natural reaction is to just stand there, staring, and wondering what the hell is going on.

Anyway, I am currently attempting to figure out a way to get back at Sarah for this latest humiliating act. I'm happy to entertain suggestions.


  1. chew her lipsticks choppy.... time for revenge!!

  2. Walking on the carpet while your nails are still wet? Practice your innocent look first, Choppy.

  3. Ooh, Barb, walking on the carpet would be an excellent idea!

    And she keeps her lipsticks all locked up. She knows what I would do if I could get at them!