Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Good News & Bad News

So, sometimes life throws me a bone. A few weeks ago, I got thrown a BIG one. You see, Sarah quit her job to go work for her dad - a.k.a., my grandpa! I cannot tell you how stoked I was about this, because my grandparents are up in Wisconsin, which is a place that I love. I immediately began thinking about all of the fun things I was going to do when we moved up there (OK, mostly I was thinking about how I could run away from Sarah all the time and sneak over to my grandparents' house).

But then, Sarah destroyed all of these dreams. You see, instead of moving to Wisconsin, we're staying here in Indiana. I like Indiana just fine, but it's a long way from my grandparents.

However, the worst part of this? Now Sarah is working from home, which means I NEVER get any time away from her. All day long, she is here, hogging the computer, and just generally making me mad with her very presence.

Sarah put me in her new printer's box. Your guess as to the reason why is as good as mine.

Even worse, she can hear every time I get on the good couch or look on the counters, and she yells at me. So not only am I stuck with her, I have to follow all of her rules, all day long. It sucks. Big time.

About the only good thing about this is that I can now go outside during the day as much as I want. The other day, I spent like two hours out in the backyard, just pretending I was on vacation and far, far away from Sarah. That was great. At least, it was great until Sarah interrupted my blissful imaginings. Typical.

Anyway, I have to figure out a way to get her out of the house more often. So far, I've got nothing.


  1. Cheer up choppy. Life could be a lot worse.

  2. The picture is hilarious!! Poor, poor Choppy. ;)

  3. You'd think I would get more food. I think she felt guilty about leaving me home alone before and gave me treats to compensate. Now, I only get them when I actually impress her with something like a trick.

  4. Choppy - Please tell Sarah congrats. (Like you would.)

  5. Choppy, tell your Sarah to put a blanket or something on the couch, so you can sit there and be happy and she won't worry about your shedding all over the place! That's what my mommy did....
    Sam the cocker spaniel

  6. Hey Choppy, maybe you could help Sarah find a boyfriend. That would get her out of the house quite a bit! Is your veterinarian single? Give it some thought...

  7. Hey, Choppy:
    There are some helpful suggestions above, I must say. Perhaps Sarah would be willing to compromise to help with your having to deal with her all day. Like maybe a) no Halloween costume this year, or b) you get to sleep on the good couch. I mean, you need some sort of compensation for being stuck with her all day.

    I am all for you helping Sarah find her some dates: then she'll be busy and out of the house, at least a few nights a week.