Friday, October 1, 2010

Socks? I Don't Need No Stinkin' Socks

Sarah should really not be allowed to go to the store without me. I mean, I am a great shopping companion. I head straight for important things (dog toys and treats), and ignore things that we don't need around the house (yet more clothing for me). Unfortunately, I'm not allowed in certain stores. And so, Sarah goes to these stores, and comes home with things that we definitely don't need (like dog clothes).

A great example of this occurred a couple days ago.

Socks? Really? What about it being nice, pleasant fall weather suggested I needed socks?

Sarah came home with socks for me. Now, if I was a sled dog, little booties would be important, so I didn't hurt my feet. But you know what I do with my life? Stare at Sarah and hope that she leaves for a few minutes so I can get some peace/sleep on the good couch (of course, I hope she goes somewhere with no clothing that might fit me when she leaves the house). Plus, the house is mostly carpeted, so it's like I already have socks on wherever I go. The last thing I need is socks.

Unfortunately, this being Sarah, she didn't stop at the socks.

A hat? Really? What about it being nice, pleasant fall weather suggested I needed...oh, wait, we just went through this with the socks.

I have no idea what has possessed Sarah to be on a hat kick lately, but seriously, it needs to stop. Soon.


  1. OH MY GOD, you look so much like the dog we had when I was a little girl. (not even kidding a little bit, I will find a picture and send it)
    My mom told me you went to the "farm where old dogs go to retire", but I see you just ran off! Well, you deserve socks if you ask me.....

  2. Love love love the socks!

    Not so sure about the hat.....