Monday, October 11, 2010

Sarah Went to Disneyland...

So, Sarah went out to California for work last week. This was pretty cool, as I got to go to my kennel/doggy day care while she was away (it's pretty much dog heaven over there - "pretty much" because they have horses that I would like to chase (or at least sniff), but I'm not allowed. Everything else is fair game, though, including like 20 cats. Awesome!). Unfortunately, all good things must end, and Sarah got back yesterday.

Now, Sarah was pretty cool and brought me back a present! At least, I thought it would be pretty cool. I mean, I could think of at least 100 things I would like that involve the word "bacon" alone! But, this being Sarah, there was no bacon involved.

Yes. It's Mickey Mouse ears.

Instead of food, or even a toy (or heck, even nothing!), Sarah brought me back Mickey Mouse ears. Now, wearing a hat like this is already a humiliating experience. We've been over this one before. Dogs don't need clothing, and that includes hats.

Yes, she even paid extra to have my name embroidered on the back. You people think I exaggerate the humility I must endure on a daily basis? Look no further for proof that, if anything, I down play it.

But the mouse ears add a level of humiliation that is just wrong. You know what chases mice? Cats. In my world, cats are meant to be chased. These mouse ears create some sort of strange world where, instead of me chasing cats, the cats might chase me. The mere idea of this will probably give me horrible nightmares.

Yeah, the look on my face here pretty much says it all.

Unfortunately, this means that I can no longer fully enjoy times when Sarah is out-of-town. Who knows what she will come up with to bring home next time she is away.


  1. Love love love the hat with Choppy's name on it.

    MUST get one for Alfred!

  2. oh my goodness!!! Love this choppy! your very own mouse ears!!!