Friday, October 29, 2010

A Halloween Horror Show

Warning: This post contains horrific images of a dog forced to dress up for Halloween (especially the last two pictures). For your own good, I suggest you find another website to look at.

Well, now that you have been warned, it's time to get to the substance of this post: namely, the horror that Sarah has forced me to endure for my second Halloween on this earth. Not one, not two, but THREE new costumes (plus this shark one from a couple months ago). Seriously, Sarah, there are children in the world who don't have this many costumes over the course of their entire childhoods.

First up, a football costume.

A football, in costume form. Because Sarah was evidently not content with my multiple football-related clothing items.

Next, Sarah broke out the headless horseman:

It's the headless horseman. Actually, it should probably be renamed the headless dogman, as I am not a horse.

But, Sarah saved something horrible - just horrible - for my final outfit. Now, I had thought that the worse costume she could possibly put me in was a cat costume. That would have been humiliating. I should have known Sarah was more dastardly than that.

Turns out, there are squirrel costumes available.

There is nothing good about this costume.

This is not the face of a happy dog.

I hate squirrels. But not as much as I hate squirrel costumes. Or Sarah.


  1. That squirrel costume is the worst ever. SHAAAAAAAAME on Sarah. And the look on Your face is priceless. Oh, Choppy. In your honor, I am not dressing up at all.

  2. choppy you look adorable in all your costumes & it's only (hopefully) for one day/nite. so give in & have the best time you can & enjoy the energy around you!!! you are such a handsome little guy you should always smile!

  3. Be glad that I am not your owner Choppy. My dog Benji has to endure being sprayed, head-to-toe, with Halloween colored hair sprays. Not one, but many every year. Last year I tie dyed him in honor of 1968/1969 the summer of love. I think the costumes look terrific on you and I wish that I had that squirrel costume to put Benji in for the day before Halloween so I could show him off at the pet costume contests!

  4. Choppy, you are so calm and patient with Sarah! Ah, the things we do for love. Happy Howling-ween.

    Zoro, your mate in Australia.

  5. The squirrel costume isn't that bad. I mean she could have dressed you up as a cat. I love that you are holding an acorn. - Hez

  6. From Lucky-Hey Choppy! My crazy owner thought she was going to dress me in a tu-tu...I'M A BOY, MARGARET! Well, needless to say, I ran under the bed and she's such an old thing(she's 49) she couldn't catch me-so NO TU-TU for me this year!