Saturday, August 21, 2010

Halloween Isn't For Two Months

So, Sarah, being a jerk, went to the pet store this morning without me. I love the pet store - I get treats from the employees, get to see other dogs, and even when I have to get my nails clipped there, it's still pretty cool.

Unfortunately for me, the pet store already had its Halloween costume selection out. Yes, over two months before Halloween. And, because Sarah didn't take me there this morning, I didn't even have a chance to prevent her from purchasing an outfit for me.

Here's what she came home with:

A shark? Really? I don't even like to swim. And it's not even a great white, it's some random blue shark. And no, I'm not grateful it's not pink. It's still a costume.

Now, I am almost positive this isn't the only costume I will be forced to endure before Halloween. I mean, I've already discussed my pumpkin and chicken costumes that Sarah got last year, and which I am sure she will break out at some point. There are still months for Sarah to come up with more humiliating costumes.

This is so wrong.


  1. I MUST acquire this costume for my kitties!

  2. I fully support dressing up kitties, as I am never a fan of them - Sarah got it at Petsmart.

  3. Oh, Choppy. I don't normally side with Sarah on her fashion choices for you: dressing up dogs is wrong. HOWEVER, I think this time she might have really tried--failed, but tried. A shark IS better than a chicken or a pumpkin. Even a random blue shark is more badass than a chicken.

    Maybe she'll get really busy, or get a life (!!) and forget about Halloween this year. Hah, right, like that's going to happen. I just keep thinking it could be worse than a shark costume. Sorry, though, to see this.

  4. Choppy, just don't let Sarah see the article about dogs wearing Lady Gaga inspired outfits. I ran across it on yahoo this morning. Although, you might look very cute in the clear ball one, and they could double as a chewy toy!

    I just realized if Sarah reads this she'll probably find out about the outfits, oops! Sorry!

  5. I really hope Sarah doesn't see that article about Lady Gaga outfits. That might be the death of me (from embarrassment, obviously).

    And although the shark is relatively more badass than previous outfits she has put me in, it's still not cool. I'm going to hope she forgets about Halloween.

  6. I am so sorry Choppy! I must admit though...I too dress up my dogs. My little 9 pounder is Robin Hood - sword and all! His hat is always a little gangsta to the side. And my 14 pounder? She's Tinkerbell. She's also a Tomboy. She refuses to lift her head or wag her tail.

    You look so great in yours! Maybe I will show them your photos and she will be a little less mortified? (or it will make it worse...I will update you).

  7. Okay while I do not especially love the shark costume, I do endores the dressing up of dogs once a year.

    Last year Alfred (the world's cutest furball) was a pumpkin. The year before that Superdog. And Yoda once.

    This year I am looking for an Ewok costume, cuz his face reminds me of them.

    My husband has a beagle who has never been in a costume. He hates when I dress up Alfie. This is literally the only thing we fight over. Alfie was here first, buddy!

    Fun post. New here, will stalk you now.