Friday, August 27, 2010

Sarah Goes to Vegas = Humiliation for Me

So, Sarah is heading to Las Vegas on Friday. As someone who wears a fur coat 365 days a year, I'm pretty cool with having to stay at home (this is in addition to the obvious reason I am happy to stay home - Sarah won't be here).

Unfortunately, Sarah decided I should wear some Las Vegas themed hats in honor of her trip. Well, they really aren't "Las Vegas themed" so much as "Sarah has come up with the flimsiest of flimsy reasons they are related to Vegas in order to subject me to great humiliation."

Obviously, not cool. You can judge for yourself:

This? I think this is Sarah's idea of something Snoop Dogg, the rapper formerly known as Snoop Doggy Dog, would wear. While I applaud the man's choice in names, I do not applaud Sarah's decision to allow him to influence her in dressing me up. Oh, and if you're asking how come Sarah thinks of Las Vegas and Snoop Dogg together, let me quote you the song 2 of Americaz Most Wanted: "My dream is to own a fly casino - like Bugsy Siegel - but do it all legal." Do you know how I know these lyrics? Because Sarah sang them to me the whole time I was dressed up in this hat. She has a terrible voice. I cannot stress how unpleasant this whole experience was for me.

I call this the prostitute hat. Now, because Sarah watches COPS on a far-too-regular basis, I am well aware that your typical prostitute, even in Las Vegas, wears pretty regular clothing. However, this is more along the lines of Hollywood's idea of a prostitute. On a related note, Sarah has actually worn this hat in public. And sometimes you people wonder why I question her sanity...

My grandpa brought this hat home from Oktoberfest for Sarah, long before I was born. I'm sure he never intended for her to use it in such a cruel and humiliating manner. I initially wondered what slim link there could be between Las Vegas and Munich, but then I remembered that alcohol is free if you're gambling, and thus the connection with the beer halls of Munich became clear. What scares me about this is that I can understand Sarah so easily. I really hope I'm not getting to be more like her.


  1. One morning your Grandmother and your aunt arrived in New York City on a red eye flight after their scheduled flight had been cancelled and saw two hookers in New York, one wearing a blue cowboy hat very similar to the one you are wearing and the other wearing a pink cowboy hat with coordinated outfits to match the hats. It really happened and it wasn't some Hollywood fantasy. Sarah was safely asleep in her hotel room and did not see any of this happen.

  2. Choppy you are one cool canine; but I have to tell you, that first hat makes you look like a pimp.

  3. Ooh, the Snoop Dog Pimp-orific one is totally awesome!

    You are one cool dog!

  4. Don't encourage Sarah by saying I look good as a pimp! I'll end up with yet another Halloween costume!

  5. Choppy, you are such a lucky dog. It has been 2 1/2 weeks since we have been subjected to the pictures of Sarah dressing you up. I have a feeling all the football has been distracting her. -Hez

  6. Oh, Sarah has been dressing me up. She is just on the computer all the time now so I never get a chance to get on. I'll update tomorrow.