Monday, August 9, 2010

Dogs Don't Need Life Jackets

So, Sarah and I were once again in Wisconsin this weekend. The reason? Sarah's friend was having a bachelorette party. Now, as part of this party, Sarah was going on a boat. Of course, Sarah decided this was a good reason to dress me up in a boating outfit, even though I was not invited on the boat, and have never even been on boat in my life.

The least Sarah could have done was put me in a life jacket made in the last twenty years. This is less "cool and retro" than "I'm pretty sure this is so old that it has lost its floating ability and would NOT save me in the event that I fell in the lake and was drowning."

Now, here's my major complaint about this. I'm a dog. I can swim just fine without flotation devices. We've already discussed this, but Sarah seems unable to get it through her thick skull, even though she has seen me swim before, and even though I have no intention of swimming ever again (not a big fan). I guess I should just be grateful that this isn't pink, but still. Not happy about this life jacket thing.


  1. um, it actually looks like it might INHIBIT you from swimming if the necessity arose. But since you don't plan on it again, this was just one more way to rub it in.

    Choppy, thank god she didn't put some sort of sailor hat on you. thank god for small miracles.

  2. It very well might inhibit me from swimming - not that I plan on ever getting anywhere near a body of water large enough to require swimming.

    And shh on the sailor hat - Sarah might get ideas.