Monday, December 13, 2010

Jingle Bells, Choppy Style

Today's blog post is in the form of three versions of the chorus of "Jingle Bells." If you want to listen to a version of the song while you read this post, I suggest this one. If you like torturing yourself, I suggest this one.

Jingle bells, Sarah smells, not in a good way
Not so fun, when I can't hide, 'cause of this array

Jingle bells, I can tell, Sarah hates me - hey
Nice humans, please take my side, take this hat away

Jingle bells, jingle bells, poor Iz and Chop-pay
Not so fun, it hurts our pride, when Sarah has her way


  1. Choppy,
    I realize you are opposed to clothing, so I am loath to say this. But you look fabu!

  2. Choppy, I am usually on your side but that little Jingle Bell Collar is really quite adorable and you work it well!

  3. Thanks for thinking I look good! I just can't stand the clothes. I guess it could be worse...she could come up with even more bells. Pink ones. I better not give Sarah any more ideas...

  4. Jingle Bells Choppy tells
    Sarah what to do
    I'm so glad that Sarah had
    A dog as smart as you!!!

    Oh!! Choppy dog Choppy Dog, Iz and Choppy too
    Merry Christmas
    I just wish I looked as cute as YOU!

  5. I have to admit, Iz does look miserable and Choppy looks mad as hell : ) But you still Rock The Bells!

  6. You guys look so good!! (Albeit a little miserable...)

    Merry Christmas, dear Choppy and Izzy, all the way from Denmark!