Tuesday, December 7, 2010

'Tis the Season for Humiliation

You know, for some, the holidays are a special time, where you get to see family and friends, and enjoy good times with those you love.

For me, the holidays are just an excuse for Sarah to humiliate me on a daily basis. This morning, she broke out a new t-shirt.

The shirt says: "Naughty - It's the new nice." I have no idea where Sarah comes up with these shirts. But wherever it is needs to get out of the dog clothing business.

"Naughty - It's the new nice." Seriously? I need there to be a naughty list. I figure that the more people on the naughty list, the more things that there will be for me (who, obviously, is on the nice list). I have been super good all year long. I only got a few things off of the counter, and seriously, there is no reason for me not to get on the good couch, despite Sarah's desires to the contrary. And I have done numerous good deeds this year, particularly with regard to the chasing of nasty squirrels in my backyard.

So, looking at this picture, it appears that I maybe need to lay off the Christmas treats a little bit. Or, Sarah could just start buying me a larger size (I prefer the latter option. I need my treats! And besides, it's not like anyone looks at the sizes on dog clothing...I hope).

Anyway, I am sure this is not the end of the humiliation this Christmas, as there have already been documented incidents involving a Christmas sweater on my Facebook page, as well as here on Choppy's Dog House. There is also an undocumented incident involving bells and my cousin Izzy (I hope those pictures never see the light of day...). I can't wait for the Christmas season to be over.


  1. Pooooor Choppy....I feel so badly for you. Suede, my 75lb PitX, I guess is lucky to be so big...it's tough to find "cute" stuff in her size. I did buy her a really nice fleece shirt, I was so proud of it and with her arthritis, thought it would be perfect to keep her warm...well she hated the way it felt...I could tell by the way she moved in it....Ooooo the disappointment : (

  2. Sarah does way too good at finding me clothes. Last time I checked, I weighed in the realm of something over 60 pounds (however, I get the feeling that in the six months since then, I've gained a couple...or 15...pounds).