Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chicago Dog

I meant to post this earlier, but things have been hectic around here - I have been trying to make sure Sarah doesn't forget any of my important toys for my vacation at the kennel, which is quite hard, as she seems intent on packing only ones that I don't really like (you see, Sarah doesn't want to take what she calls my "old and ratty" toys to the kennel, but they are "old and ratty" for a reason - I love them and therefore play with them).

Anyway, before all this packing got started, Sarah actually did something pretty cool (for her, at least) - she took me to Chicago! Now, I go there sometimes, because it's where my cousin Izzy lives. But she lives away from the downtown part of the city. This time, I actually went downtown with the skyscrapers! And, best of all, not a lick of clothing touched my body the whole time.

Unfortunately, first we had to get there.

Car seats are definitely not comfortable for dogs.

Once we got to Chicago, Sarah risked my life to attempt to get a picture of me with the Sears Tower WHILE WE WERE DRIVING, and she only succeeded in getting a little bit of it, which stinks, because if you're going to risk my life for a picture, you should at least get a good one.

That's the Sears Tower in the upper left hand part of the picture. I told you it was a bad picture.

Anyway, I insisted on sticking my head out the window as we drove through River North (which is a neighborhood), which led Sarah to call me a country bumpkin. For the record, many people we drove by thought it was cute and awesome. Obviously, because I was involved.

Eventually, we got to the apartment where we were staying, with friends of Sarah's from college. They live in an actual skyscraper, and I took my first elevator ride (OK, maybe that was a little country bumpkin like, as I am well over two now).

Here I am checking out the view toward the lake. Pretty good, but not as many squirrels as at home.
Sarah's friends had a dog named Henry. It's very sad, Henry has cancer. But he was still running around and playing.

This is Henry!

One of the best things we did was go for a long walk in the city. There were certainly many smells that I don't get at home.

Walking by the river. Note the distinct lack of grass. Where do people expect me to pee?

We also went to a dog park. Which, like the rest of everywhere, didn't have grass.

That's not grass, it's astroturf. Still, it worked for my body's peeing needs.

After we visited Henry and his family, we went to visit Izzy. That part was cool - I already put a picture of that up on Facebook, so I won't put up another one. Unfortunately, after all that fun, I had to go back to my normal, horrible life with Sarah. However, she leaves tomorrow, so vacation can get started for me!


  1. Cute pics.Hello Henry. *hugs* to both of u.

  2. Like your new friend Henry, Chop. Your coat is looking lovely and shiny - not to say it isn't usually, but it really shows in these pics. Maybe it's the city air.

  3. You'd fit in anywhere, Choppy. You look very beautiful and happy by the window.