Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Am Not a Bunny

Sarah isn't even back from vacation yet, but that didn't stop her from taking some pics of me before we left dressed up for Easter. They are humiliating, and I suggest averting your eyes.

Just FYI, that thing around my neck? It's a wreath. Who puts a wreath on a dog?

Anyway, Sarah gets back Monday, so I need to get back to enjoying the last couple days of my blissful vacation away from Sarah. Days without clothing, in other words.

Here you go. A close up of my humiliation.

Anyway, happy Easter. I'm going to hope to find a real bunny to chase after.


  1. Aw Choppy. Do you think you'll be wearing a hat for our royal wedding, or are you far enough away?

  2. Dats da best ever outfit choppy!! Have a happy easter - u deserve a huge doggy bone 4 aldat humiliation!! xx

  3. I hadn't even thought about the wedding! I am so worried about what Sarah will be bringing home from Australia!

  4. I thought that was a boa around your neck. Go Grrl ! Anyway, hope you had a great holiday, and where did your name "Choppy" come from ?


  5. It's actually Tchoupitoulas - from a street in New Orleans. Choppy is much less of a mouthful!