Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Do Not Feel Like Hopping

Sarah has returned from Australia. Unfortunately, she returned bearing a gift for me. In the form of a kangaroo costume.

I feel as stupid as this looks. Seriously, what's up with the mittens?

 I can't begin to tell you how much fun my time away from Sarah was. Three blissful weeks without clothing, or her pestering ways. And pretty much the first thing that happens when she gets home? She puts me in this outfit. So, so wrong.

This picture should be the sole result of a Google search for "Miserable Dog Dressed as Kangaroo." I can't believe Sarah wasted suitcase space to bring this back from Australia.


  1. Choppy, dude: The FIRST thing I thought was, "what is up with those mittens?" and then...Why does that dog have two heads?

    It never ends. Even when it costs money to check your bag, she's gonna bring you back something. Wow. That'

  2. Hey Choppy,
    I can top that. I'm a 115 lb. male german shepherd from a long line of fine German hounds and I have a hot pink collar that glows in the dark. It's totally humiliating. I've slipped it a 100 times and she always finds the darn thing.

  3. I wouldn't call it love...strange priorities, definitely. Craziness, most likely.

    And sorry about the collar. That sucks!