Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dogs in the News: East St. Louis Version

How come I can't be so lucky as to be a dog nearly repossessed for non-payment?

Oh, that's right. I didn't cost $5,000, like the dog in this story. I'm all paid up. Seriously, people, $5,000? That's a lot of fucking squeaky toys. Next time, go to this place called the pound. Look at the cute sort of dogs who come from there:

P.S. - East St. Louis, if you end up having the dog repossessed, I'll help you come up with a trumped up charge against Sarah (the asshole) and you can come get me to work for you. As previously chronicled, I would love to be a bad ass mo fo police dog.


  1. $5,000 is way too much when there are tons of great dogs in the pound for the mere price of a vaccinations, I completely agree. And you know, I bet a lot fo them would make great drug sniffing dogs too.

  2. Seriously, I manage to find shit in the backyard I buried at least a month ago, I'm sure I could be trained to sniff drugs (instead, I am being forced to wear stupid shit. Sucktastic). And I would have come a lot cheaper than $5,000 to boot.