Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Hate April Fools Day

So, I saw this over at the blog of Martha Stewart's asshole dogs yesterday:

My immediate thought was that I had been pulled in by a stupid April Fools Day joke. I mean, seriously, who has a Faberge statue of their dog?

Evidently, Martha Stewart.

Seriously, this was not an April Fools Day joke. I mean, I should have known from the first moment I saw the post, because (a) those smug little bastard dogs could not have come up with something so subtle and crafty for a joke, and (b) Martha Stewart has no sense of humor.

So, boys and girls, Martha Stewart owns a Faberge statue of one of her dogs. It's not a good fucking thing.

I hate April Fools Day.

P.S. - I am totally obsessed with that stupid website of Martha Stewart's dogs. I hate those smug little bastards, and not just because they're smug little bastards. I also hate them because they're lucky bastards who get to live at Martha Stewart's house, where I'm sure there are no assholes like Sarah around to pester them all the time. And they're loaded. I mean, for Chrissakes, their owner went to jail for like a year, and they managed to get by just fine. If Sarah went to jail, I would be up shit creek, because the stupid cupboard where she keeps my food and treats is locked up tight, and there isn't anyone else around to open it up (stupid Sarah and her lack of a mans).

Also, Sarah seems to love Martha Stewart, so that's enough reason to hate her and anything involved with her.

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  1. Oh but clearly that faberge statue is needed. Those dogs just wouldn't survive without it.