Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Wisconsin Nose

For once, life is throwing me a bone: I'm in Wisconsin for the weekend, and even more bonus, my cousin Izzy is here!

Obviously, this is great, but even better than normal, now that it's summer, there are TONS of great smelling things out here in the country. For example, my grandparents have a fountain that gets leaves and stuff in it that makes it smell great. Unfortunately, last summer, my grandma realized that if she empties it before I get here, I can't lie around in it and obtain its perfume. So she emptied it out before I got here. What she didn't count on was that it was going to rain, which meant there is plenty of water to help make me smell just perfect.

The bouquet of this fountain is particularly lingering. For the serious connoisseur of stinking water holes only.

My grandpa had some fish he caught earlier this week that he was cleaning as well. When he wasn't paying attention, I grabbed some guts and rolled in those - also showing my cousin Izzy what's what when it comes to smells.

These particular bluegill remains were of a most excellent vintage, nose-wise.

But last night, I thought I saw the holy grail of smells: a skunk. I'm making it a goal for the rest of the weekend to catch the thing.

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