Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Don't Need a Leash

So, last Tuesday, Sarah took me to Wisconsin - it was great! We stayed through Sunday. This was far, far too short of a time to spend there, but what else do I expect from Sarah? If I like something, she can't stand to let me do it. Jerk.

Among the many cool things about Wisconsin is that my grandparents (who are so much more awesome than Sarah) live out in the country, which means that, the whole time I am in Wisconsin, I never, ever have to be on a leash! I get to run around to my heart's content, chasing squirrels, and cats, and whatever else I want.

On a leashless Wisconsin walk. It's great to be leashless, but one must always be attentive. Sarah might be sneaking up with a leash, or (even worse) a cat. Oh, you only think she wouldn't sneak up on me with a cat. I know her better than that.

Of course, one super bonus part of not having to be on a leash is that I can run far, far away from Sarah whenever I want!

See that little black speck? That's me, running away from Sarah and giving her the finger. OK, maybe not that last part, because I don't really have fingers. But you get the point.

Unfortunately, now that we're back in Indiana, I'm stuck on the leash again, being dragged around wherever Sarah wants to go, which sucks. I mean, that's how I end up doing things like looking at the white squirrels. I swear, Sarah must sit around all day thinking of ways to torture me, because she certainly finds great ways to do so.

See this? This is me in happier, leashless times. Ah, the memories...



  2. Grandma hopes that you will come back and visit us soon....we miss you, but the cats don't.

  3. I would come back tomorrow! However, unless Sarah teaches me how to drive (unlikely), I am stuck here until she decides it's time to head back to Wisconsin.