Monday, May 17, 2010

Sarah Can Take This Lei . . .

I swear, Sarah is coming up with flimsier and flimsier excuses to dress me up in stupid outfits.

Now, Sarah has some very, very bad taste in music. For instance, she seems to think that Jimmy Buffett is the end all, be all of the music world. Saturday, Jimmy Buffett was in Indianapolis for a concert. So, of course, Sarah went over there to see the show.

Now, if she had just gone over to the concert, that would have been cool. I mean, she didn't take me, which meant that I got to spend the evening without her (and one of Sarah's cool friends even came over to let me out part way through the evening, which was AWESOME).

Unfortunately, Sarah didn't leave it at that. Oh no. She had to dress me up in honor of her attendance at the show.

I look like a tool. The least Sarah could have done was give me a margarita to ease the pain. Did she give me any alcohol? Of course not.

So, Jimmy Buffett, if you're reading this, please: Do a dog a favor, and stay out of Indy for awhile. I'd really appreciate it.

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