Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Saying Does Not a Fortune Make

Now, I've already discussed the fact that, until Project Runway ended, I had awesome Thursday nights - two of Sarah's friends would come over and watch Tim, Heidi and Co. It was a welcome respite from Sarah prior to the weekend.

Unfortunately, Project Runway has ended, so I no longer have a weekly chance for this relief from Sarah. Sometimes, though, Sarah still has people over. Like this week, the very, very awesome Kaylan came over to watch some TV with Sarah and eat Chinese food.

Now, that alone would be great, but then, the Chinese place gave them THREE fortune cookies. It's like the cool people at the Chinese restaurant just knew that I would like my own cookie!

Cookie for me? Hells to the yes.

Unfortunately, when I got my fortune, I was not pleasantly surprised. Here it is:

He who knows he has enough is rich.

First, what kind of a fortune is that? It's not a fortune at all. It's just a saying. A fortune would be something like, "You're going to find unknown riches in your backyard."

Second, it's a stupid saying. I mean, there are certain things I could never have enough of, like squeaky toys. Obviously, whoever wrote this is content with far too little.

Lastly, and most importantly, there is one thing that I have had enough of in my life: Sarah. Now, let me tell you, having enough of Sarah does not make me rich. It just makes me pissed off. Definitely not rich. Stupid fortune cookie.

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