Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tim Gunn, You're Killing Me

So, despite her own super uncool tendencies, Sarah somehow manages to have BOTH a cool family and cool friends. Sometimes, Sarah even lets me hang out with these cool members of her family and friends (though such hanging out happens far too rarely for my tastes. Of course, if I had my way, I would hang out with Sarah's cool family and friends 100% of the time, and hang out with Sarah 0% of the time).

Once a week, Sarah has two of her cool friends over to the house to watch television. Specifically, they all watch Project Runway.

Sarah thinks "Nina Garcia" would be a great name for a dog. The real Nina Garcia thinks this idea is lacking in taste.

Here's the problem: Now that Project Runway is over, Sarah's friends aren't going to be coming over on Thursdays and watching television! So, this means yet another boring night of the week where I am stuck with Sarah, being forced to watch the crappy shows that she enjoys.

So, with this blog post, I implore you, Tim Gunn: bring back my Project Runway goodness as soon as possible. Life without it will be highly unpleasant.


  1. So long as there are made-for-tv-movies, Kaylan will be there.

  2. That is a very chic pose, Choppy. It looks like you've been watching the models very carefully. Good idea, since they usually throw away their food. A clever dog could get some extra yummies if she got near the models.