Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Kennel and Sarah Dogs

Now, I know some of you have felt a little bad for me having to go to my kennel/doggie day care, but it's really not too bad. I mean, for a couple days, it's a vacation from Sarah, and the owner of the place is AWESOME (unlike Sarah). I get a big run all to myself, I get to go for walks out in the country (because the kennel is way out in the country, with horses and such), and I get to run around inside the doggie day care play area as much as I want, unless it's bedtime or time to eat.

Unfortunately, there are usually some other dogs around. Most of them are cool, but even then, it means that the humans have other dogs to pay attention to, when, obviously, they should be paying attention to ME. And, of course, like whenever there are a lot of dogs around, there are going to be some jerks. I refer to these dogs as "Sarahs," for the striking personality similarities between them and Sarah.

My cousin Izzy and me. So far, not a Sarah dog. However, I reserve my right to make further judgments on her as necessary.

For example, Sarah doesn't let me eat more than a few treats a day. And the Sarah dogs steal treats from me. Sarah doesn't want to play all the time when I do, and the Sarah dogs don't want to play all the time either. And sometimes the Sarah dogs growl at me, which is much like when Sarah yells at me for being on the good couch or whatever.

So, really, about two days at the kennel is perfect. Of course, as you saw with my last entry, I was not there for two days this last weekend, I was there for FOUR, because someone hates me and abandoned me while she partied it up in Wisconsin. And you know what else? Rumor has it that Sarah is leaving me there again this weekend so she can go hang out with her friends. You know what I say? Real friends would be the kind that let me come with and hang out, too.


  1. Hey Choppy, did you know that it's just 66 days until Take Your Dog To Work Day?

    Well, it is. It's celebrated on June 25th this year, and I know that a cool human like Sarah will not leave you at home that special day!

    Here's more info.

  2. Oh, I would LOVE to go to work with Sarah. I'm pretty sure she would think that's a bad idea, though. Because it would require her to be nice to me.