Sunday, April 4, 2010

America's Dairyland? More Like America's Awesome-land!

One of my few and far between joys in a usually craptastic life is taking trips up to Wisconsin. Now, let me tell you, Wisconsin is AWESOME. Sarah grew up there, but I'm pretty sure the powers that be in the state realized it was a mistake to let her live there, so they kicked her out, because she was bringing the cool people factor way, way down. Unfortunately, I now have to deal with the consequences of this action, and only get to go up to Wisconsin for holidays and such.

This being Easter, on Friday, Sarah packed up the car and we headed for awesome Wisconsin to celebrate the holiday. Now, one of the consequences of Sarah not living in Wisconsin is that it takes FOREVER to get there in the car.

This? This is me about an hour into the drive. Still excited.

This? This is me an hour later, after realizing we still have several hours of driving before I get to enjoy Wisconsin. Not a happy camper.

Eventually, we got to Wisconsin, which is always a miracle at some level, because Sarah seems to have learned how to drive from a Southeast Asian cab driver (for those not in the know, this is not a positive reflection on her driving skills - or, to be more specific, her lack thereof).

Ah, Wisconsin. Living up to stereotypes since 1848 - this is right down the road from my doggie grandparents. Shortly before this picture, Sarah went to the grocery store and picked up beer, brats, and milk. I wish I was kidding you about this.

There are many joys to be had in Wisconsin, not least of which is getting to spend an entire weekend wandering my grandparents' house without a leash the entire time, while Sarah just sits around ignoring me. It's like heaven.

No Sarah, No Leash, No Problems.

So, for, like, 18 hours, I was totally doing my own thing. You know, chilling, chilling, minding my business. Just generally wandering around in a blissful state, thinking all is great with the world.

And then, this showed up:

What fresh hell is this?


  1. Ruh roh, That looks like trouble, Choppy. A cute dog! Competition!

    Anyhow, it's nice that Sarah has comfy leather seats in her car. Muddy paw prints are easily washed off.

    Happy Easter! Catch the bunny! Good dog!

  2. She is competition - but the weekend went alright despite that (after all, I'm pretty big these days, so I can get the best table scraps).

    And the leather seats are definitely bonus - but the car itself is a piece of crap. I swear, it's lucky it just doesn't start shedding vital parts as we drive down the road.

    And Happy Easter! (No bunnies yet, though).