Thursday, April 22, 2010

Do Russian Dogs Drink Vodka?

So, despite Sarah's horrible-ness, she somehow manages to have a cool family (this never fails to shock me - I have no idea how they messed up on Sarah and made her such a jerk to me). The most super cool family members are my grandparents. They're the ones who live in Wisconsin (AWESOME), and have the house with all the land around it where I can run and ignore Sarah when we visit (DOUBLE AWESOME).

Now, I'm kind of worried, because Sarah and I are supposed to go to Wisconsin in the first week of May. She has to do some work thing (BORING), but I get to spend the whole week at my grandparents' house, chasing the mean kitties and splashing in their fountain and playing with the neighbor dogs. That's all cool. What I'm worried about is that my grandpa won't be there - you see, he's in Russia right now, and thanks to the volcano, he might not get to come home in time to give me presents see me. And that would be horrible!

Happily, though, my grandpa does have a blog, so at least I get to hear about what he is doing in Russia even if he doesn't get back. Of course, if he doesn't get back, I won't be able to find out answers to my questions, like, do Russian dogs drink vodka?

Cute dogs for sale in Russia. Not as cute as me, obviously, but still cute.

Russia seems pretty cool. Of course, somewhere that cool probably wouldn't let Sarah in the country, but I hold out hope that they might see fit to let me visit. Without Sarah, obviously. I could definitely use a vacation from Sarah. A permanent vacation, if possible.

A Russian meat counter. I think I could probably eat all of this food in an hour or so. Maybe 45 minutes.

I hope that my grandpa can get home before I am supposed to visit him - I'm tired of dealing with Sarah. I need a vacation from her!

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