Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Revenge Is Sweet

Revenge is mine!

As you know, Sarah made me stay at the kennel this weekend while she partied it up in Wisconsin. But last night, I had my sweet, sweet revenge.

Last night, Sarah was cleaning up around the house. She had an Easter rubber ducky that needed to be put away with her Easter decorations, and she left it on the counter to take it to the basement, where she keeps her Easter decorations when it's not Easter season.

What Sarah didn't anticipate about this was that I would see this toy-like object sitting there, and take it for my own (she is not the smartest cookie in the jar). And so, I took it - I just grabbed it off of the counter when she wasn't paying attention, and proceeded to destroy the thing.

I think this rubber ducky is improved with a portion of its head removed, don't you?

Sarah totally didn't even notice for about five minutes, by which time the ducky was headless and on its way to total destruction. Total success!

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