Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Don't Do Dog Snuggies

I cannot stress how much of an idiot Sarah can be. Let's discuss yesterday as an example. Now, yesterday was a beautiful day in Terre Haute, where we live. We're talking 80 degrees and sunny. Absolutely beautiful.

Sarah being cheap, there is no way that she turns on the air conditioner until it's 90 plus outside. So, the house is really, really warm today - definitely warmer than the 80 it is outside. It's so warm that the only comfortable way to deal with this sort of heat is to lie around doing nothing (btw, I am excellent at this).

So, when Sarah gets home, what does she think is a good idea? She thinks it's a good idea to put a Snuggie on me. Yes, a dog Snuggie.

I can't stress enough that Sarah is a tool for putting me in a Snuggie.

Now, the Snuggie even in cold weather is stupid. But in this weather? Truly moronic. And you know why she made me wear it? Because she wanted to read this book she got, called The Animal Review, and wanted me to sit with her looking cute. Newsflash, Sarah: I look cute whether or not you put me in a Snuggie. And you're just sitting at home reading, like anyone is going to see you reading and make a judgment about the cuteness of the scene.

Here I am with the book. Personally, I enjoy the Animal Review website.

Happily, Sarah eventually took off the Snuggie. Now, I am going to plot a way to destroy the thing. I never want to wear it again.


  1. As Choppy's grandmother and the gifter of the Snuggie at Christmas I am thrilled that there are pictures of Choppy wearing her Snuggie. How cute she looks!!!! And there are pictures of her cousin Izzy wearing it as well, which is what good cousins do....wear hand-me-downs.

  2. Grandma, you are generally awesome, but I am still not cool with the Snuggie. Perhaps next time I am home I can give it back to you and you can sneak it to Izzy without having Sarah notice.