Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Should Be Writing This From Wisconsin

Oh, man, I am LIVID. And, as always, the person who is responsible for this is Sarah.

Sarah had to go up to Wisconsin at the end of the week. Now, if you follow my blog, you know that I love Wisconsin. Of course, Sarah being as mean as she is to me, didn't take me with her. Something about not wanting to take me on the airplane (she was flying up there).

But here's the real problem: Sarah was originally only going up there for two days. Now, as much as I enjoy Wisconsin, I also enjoy my doggie day care, so I figured it was a pretty even trade: Sarah goes to Wisconsin, and I get two days of fun and no Sarah at doggie day care. But then, Sarah decided that she was going to stay in Wisconsin through the weekend.

Me, on a happier day when Sarah took me to Wisconsin.

Oh, I cannot tell you how mad I am about this. Now, instead of getting to go back home after two days, I have to spend FOUR days at doggie day care. And Sarah is partying it up in Wisconsin. She's probably giving her leftovers to the cats (who are mean and evil and I hate - Sarah gets along with them quite well). And I bet that she's having an awesome time, laughing at me stuck here. I hate her so much.


  1. Choppy,
    Even though, you aren't here, the cats are living in fear that because Sarah is here you will come springing from the inside of the house when they least expect it. This should make you happy.

  2. That makes me very happy. What will make me happier is chasing after them when I am there in three weeks!