Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Heart My Grandparents

So, as you may know, I have spent the last week at my grandparents' house while Sarah has been on vacation. It has been TONS of fun, even though I think that they might be a little annoyed with me. I kind of barfed after they fed me lots of good food (I like to think that I have a sensitive tummy, but really, if you eat 10 pounds worth of food, you're going to get sick whether or not you have a sensitive tummy). And I've been sort of pesty at the dinner table, but you'd be the same way if you were forced to sit around while everyone else ate Grandma's awesome cooking.

Anyway, Sarah gets back soon, because she is coming to help celebrate my grandparents' 35th wedding anniversary! While it will suck to have to deal with Sarah and her crap again, it's pretty cool that my grandparents are having a party. Even better, as part of the celebration, they're hosting a wiffle ball party. So that they don't look horrible at it, they've been practicing a little. I've totally been helping them practice.

OK, by "help," I mean I just rolled around in the grass while everyone else played wiffle ball. Still, I'm sure having a cute dog around totally improved everyone's playing.

Anyway, as far as I can tell, wiffle ball is pretty easy. And, as it involves plastic balls, it's great for me - I just take a ball, run away with it, and totally chew it up. My kind of game.

Sarah made me wear the bandana. I, however, needed no encouragement to chew up this ball and bat.

Anyway, I am hoping that wiffle ball becomes a regular feature of life at my grandparents' house, because it is totally a lot of fun. Even if I would rather chew up stuff than actually play.


  1. Choppy, have the grandparents been splashing beer into your water dish?

    No one would mind, I'm sure, but in that first photo you look, well, flat-ass hammered.

  2. Not recently - evidently I was a little too much of a pest this time to merit alcohol.