Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Project Runway Premiere SHOULD Be a Happy Occasion

So, I have previously detailed how much I LOVE Thursday nights, because it is Project Runway night, and Sarah's friends come over to our house and watch it. This means I get a blissful evening of attention and love (and, often, some good food placed on coffee table/dog level, convenient for sneaking it when no one is looking).

You can imagine how much I have been looking forward to tonight, then - not only is it the Project Runway premiere, but now it's an hour and a half long, which means an extra half hour with cool people around! I should seriously write a thank you note to Heidi and company about this awesome turn of events in my life.

However, I should have suspected that Sarah would somehow undermine my happiness.

You see, a couple weeks ago, we had a bad storm, and it zapped the television (which was plugged into a surge protector, but still got zapped). For the last couple weeks, Sarah has just been going around without television, which is fine with me, as it means I am not subjected to her horrible taste in television (I swear, if I have to watch one more episode of Cheaters...). So yesterday, she finally went out and got a new television, because she loves Project Runway almost as much as me. Almost.

This is me in a parrot hat in front of the broken television. I have no idea what the hat is for. Top American designer Michael Kors probably thinks it's a big vulgar and/or like Carmen Miranda on acid.

Unfortunately, when she went to plug it in, Sarah realized that the DirecTV box had been zapped as well. So now, we have to wait for DirecTV to come out and fix the problem, which means that, until then, I won't get to have my fun Thursday night Project Runway fix, because Sarah is going to a friend's house (where I am not allowed) to watch it, with her friends, and without me. So typically mean of Sarah.

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  1. Poor Choppy, he was so waiting for this night to come!