Thursday, July 15, 2010

Porch Swings and Polka Dots

Now, for all the complaining I do about Sarah, she has managed to do a few things right in her life. One of those things is get a house that is pretty cool. I mean, it's across the street from the park, which is great, and it has a nice fenced yard, so I can run around out there without Sarah and dig holes and get in trouble and the like.

Another cool part about the house is its front porch. Sometimes, Sarah will read on the porch swing out there and take me with her. Because it's in the front yard (and not fenced), I have to wear my leash. Sarah seems to think that I am going to run right over to the park if she takes my leash off, just because I have done it several times in the past (OK, she may have a point there. I do tend to do this every time she drops my leash).

See this? This is how I normally sit on the front porch and watch the world go by. Quite pleasant, actually.

Even with the leash, it's pretty cool to be on the front porch. Sometimes, I sit on the swing and watch people go by. Other times, I chill out on the floor, watching people through this little hole in the porch. The neighbors come by with their dogs, so I get to see my friends. And when dogs walk by in the park, I can bark at them (unless they're bigger than me, in which case I let them go by quietly. I'm not stupid enough to pick that fight when I'm outside. I only pick that one when I am safely ensconced in the house).

We're in the middle of a heat wave here in Terre Haute, so Sarah has been spending most of her time in the house, lying on the couch and complaining about how hot it is (even though the house is air conditioned and quite pleasant). But the other night, she decided it would be nice to spend some time outside on the porch, and took me with her.

Unfortunately, she decided that I needed to get dressed up to go on the porch.

I'm surprised Sarah didn't make a pitcher of lemonade to make this picture even more humiliating. Actually, I shouldn't suggest things like that. Sarah might get wind of it and re-stage this scene with lemonade. And probably cookies as well (though I have no objection to cookies).

Now, normally I think dressing up a dog is stupid and pointless (I come with a fur coat - unless Sarah comes up with some diamonds for me, it's unlikely she's going to find something better than what God gave me). However, it is actually more stupid and pointless when it's hot out, because clothing is just going to make me hotter! I mean, really. Does Sarah not understand this concept? Wait, wait, don't answer that question.

Does this look like the face of a dog who likes wearing a sundress? I think not.

Anyway, it was luckily too hot for Sarah to sit out for long, so my humiliation was only short-lived (short-lived enough that I didn't even see any of my doggie friends, which is good when I look so stupid). Still, this shouldn't have occurred in the first place. Stupid Sarah.