Saturday, July 24, 2010

Five Evil Creatures

Here's a special entry. Instead of talking about oh-so-awesome me, I'm going to talk about five things I HATE. They are my grandparents' five cats, who I have to deal with when I visit my grandparents.

This is Sonny. She is the supreme, most-evil cat here. She takes great pleasure in smacking me when I get within, like, twenty feet of her. She even goes out of her way to find me sometimes and hit me.

Horrible. Just horrible. And the worst part? She's sixteen years old, so she should be old and decrepit. Instead, she takes pleasure in torturing me during her waning years.

I suspect Sarah put her up to this.


This is Boop. She is the evil spawn of Sonny, and the sibling of Sasquatch and Bubba, who I will get to soon. She's not as intent on coming after me, but as you can see from this video, she's not cool either:

That first cat is Sonny, the second one is Boop.


Sasquatch is mostly harmless. She's got extra toes on her front feet, which you would think would be extra good for smacking me, but mostly they just get in her way. However, she is Sarah's favorite, so that gives me extra reason to hate her.


Bubba, Sasquatch, and Boop are all siblings. Bubba is fat and slow, so I love chasing him. Unfortunately, he's a jerk and figured this out, so now he hides from me when I am here. So he sucks.


I've written about Peaches before. My grandparents still haven't gotten rid of her, even though she is just a stray. As you can see, my grandma even gave her a collar, which suggests she's never leaving. I'm not happy about this situation.

So, those are my grandparents' cats. I hate them all.


  1. Poor Choppy. I am so sorry for your horrible experiences. Unfortunately, dogs and cats have been going through this for Centuries! LMAO

  2. maybe some day all of you will get along

  3. I am not sure why the cats look so evil in these pictures.....they are such charming cats usually.

  4. Choppy, I applaud your restraint in the video of you, Sonny and Boop.
    I've gotta say, though, even though your grandparents cats whom you deem evil and not cool, your grandparents are *super cool* for letting you come for a vacation. Isn't that nice of them?

    All I've got to add, is nothing good comes without a price. I think those cats are your price for time with grandma and grandpa.

  5. you are all very beautiful animals!! I'm sure you can learn to get along!!

  6. I don't know if I'll ever get along with the cats - they don't seem to appreciate all my excellent qualities, such as smelling like fish guts I have rolled in.