Monday, March 29, 2010

Who's the Most Popular? Choppy!

I meant to mark the occasion when it happened, but thanks to Sarah (the asshole) giving me other things to complain about, I didn't get the chance to mention this until today. You see, I am officially more popular than Sarah! As of last week, I have more Facebook fans than she has Facebook friends!

Who rocks the Facebook socks? The Chopmeister, that's who!

Now, I know some may consider Facebook a poor method of judging popularity. Those people are obviously assholes and should be ignored.

Unfortunately, Sarah falls squarely into this category of assholes who consider Facebook to be a poor method of judging popularity. But of course she would think this, because by this method, she's much less popular than me! And she's less popular than me on Facebook even though she has at least 20 "friends" who hardly qualify as such, because they're people she has met once, or is even unsure of how she actually knows them. These people hardly count as friends. But because I'm a sweetie, I would even give her these people in this contest. And she still loses!

So thank you to all my Facebook friends! And Sarah? She sucks. She gets no thanks until she acknowledges my superior popularity.

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