Friday, March 27, 2009

Do Not Leave Me In Here Again

Oh, Bitch, it is on!

Seriously. I can handle being in the crate all day, because God knows that if Sarah was at home all day, she would drive me fucking nuts, and I would probably have to kill myself just to get a little peace and quiet (daily watchings of The Price Is Right? I swear, there is hell on Earth, and it starts with whatever Sarah decides to watch on television. Have you ever watched Maury? I have, because Sarah TiVos it every single day. I get stupider just by being in the room when that shit is on).

But last night, Sarah decided that I should spend two extra hours of my day in the crate, because she wanted to go out to a birthday party. The worst part was, she came home to let me out, then she took me for a walk, and then she put me right back in the crate! That sort of shit? Not fucking cool. I haven't thought of my revenge yet, but when it happens, it will be quality revenge. Because it is so on, Sarah. It is so on.

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