Wednesday, March 18, 2009

OK, I May Have Judged Puppy Training Too Quickly

So, a bitch should be able to admit when she's wrong (that's attractive to men, right? Not that it will do my spayed ass any good, but whatever). Puppy training class is AWESOME!

Today, we spent like half of the class just playing! I got to take out my aggression on other puppies, who don't give a crap when I bite them, unlike Sarah (the asshole), who screams ouch at me the second my teeth touch her skin. I know it doesn't hurt that much, but you wouldn't fucking know it from the sound that comes out of her mouth! You'd think someone up and died, the sound that she makes.

And, because I'm like twice the size of the other dogs, I totally kick their asses when we play! It's great! I totally showed that schnauzer what's what. And what's what is moi.

OK, sure, there was some demeaning sitting and walking like a prissy girl on the leash, but whatever. It was still pretty fucking awesome, because that shit only took like ten minutes.

But here's the thing - I only get to go to puppy training once a week. I could totally do this every night, but there's no way Sarah's cheap ass pays for that. So, I'm stuck doing stupid training with Sarah six nights a week, which sucks. I should have known she wouldn't have done anything cool.

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